Eco friendly toilet paper

More and more of us are looking to make the right choices for the environment when we decide what to include on our shopping list. Toilet paper is on everyone’s list of household essentials, making it an important decision when you are looking to find eco friendly options for your family. Eco friendly toilet paper doesn’t just mean toilet paper made from recycled paper. For toilet paper that makes the minimal impact on the environment, you need to consider the chemicals involved in production and the carbon footprint involved in transporting the raw materials.


How we ensure our toilet paper is eco friendly…

For many years, Honest Supplies has been working hard to develop all aspects of its manufacturing processes to make our toilet paper as eco friendly as possible. To do this, Honest Supplies uses 100% recycled waste paper. We also ensure all our range is completely chlorine and plastic free. Equally important is that all the raw materials are sourced within the UK, reducing the carbon footprint even further and making sure that when you buy toilet paper from Honest Supplies you can be sure it is as green as possible.

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