Eco Loo Roll

Honest Supplies’ eco loo roll is made in the UK, 100% recycled and plastic free, helping you be more eco-friendly. While many of us want to make the right choice for the environment when we are buying items for our home, sometimes making the right choice can be more confusing than you think – and it’s not always helped by high street stores. Picking up a pack of toilet roll that is labelled as ‘recycled’ doesn’t always mean you are making the most environmentally friendly purchase.


Our eco-friendly loo roll is made using 100% recycled paper

Unlike many high street toilet roll manufacturers, which use just a proportion of recycled paper in their toilet roll, Honest Supplies toilet paper is made exclusively with 100% recycled paper. This means that our recycled toilet roll is removing the need for deforestation completely by taking items that would otherwise be thrown away and using them as the raw material in their toilet paper.   

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