Eco Toilet Roll

Picking the right eco toilet roll for you is not as straight forward as you might think. Many of the high street brands might describe themselves as environmentally friendly and being made from recycled paper, put peel away the ply and the truth might tell a different story. To understand what truly makes your toilet roll eco friendly you need to know what chemicals are involved in production, does it have plastic packaging? What is the origin of the recycled paper used? And how many miles are involved in transporting the product?


What makes our toilet roll eco?

At Honest Supplies, we work hard to ensure that every aspect of production, packaging and delivery of our eco toilet rolls makes as little impact on the environment as possible, giving you the greatest confidence in our goods. Guaranteed to be chlorine free, plastic free and made from 100% recycled waste paper, Honest Supplies manufactures UK-made toilet roll that helps reduce the carbon footprint of one of our most essential household items, with more than 42 million tons of toilet paper used globally every year.

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