Environmentally friendly toilet paper

As one of the key household essentials that is always on our shopping list, toilet paper can have a significant impact on our planet. Traditional toilet roll not only uses one of the earth’s key natural resources as a primary element of its manufacture, but production also involves harmful chemicals in the process of turning forest trees into smooth white sheets of delicate tissue. Fortunately, there is another way. Environmentally friendly toilet paper is made from recycled waste paper and strips out many of the toxic chemicals from the production process to minimise the harm caused to the environment. 


How our environmentally friendly toilet paper is made in the UK

If you are looking to make the right choice for the environment when you are making the decision on which toilet paper to purchase, remember that not all recycled toilet roll is the same. There can be variations in the where and how the recycled paper is used in toilet roll production as well as a number of different approaches to the use of chemicals in the process, which can be major pollutants. Honest Supplies manufactures its toilet roll to the highest ethical standards, and always within the UK, reducing the carbon footprint further by avoiding overseas transportation.

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