Plastic Free Toilet Paper

Micro plastics polluting our seas and oceans has been one or the most pressing issues of the climate change emergency, making plastic free toilet paper, like that available here at Honest Supplies, a necessity. With toilet paper being one of our most commonly bought household essentials, the inclusion of plastic, either in the composition of the sheets of toilet paper themselves or the packaging that the toilet roll comes in, is a significant contributor to this plastic pollution.

How we make sure our plastic free toilet paper is exactly that

Even toilet paper that uses recycled paper can sometimes include plastic elements, so be sure to double check that the toilet paper you purchase is completely plastic free – both in terms of the toilet paper itself and the packaging it comes in. Honest Supplies is home to a complete range of completely plastic free toilet paper that will put your mind at rest that you are being as environmentally conscious as possible, using 100% recycled paper to create toilet roll manufactured without dyes or bleach.

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