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November 8, 2022
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How can we protect endangered species?
March 9, 2023

Is recycled toilet paper better for the environment?

May 24, 2022

Toilet paper significantly impacts the environment, with traditional loo roll relying on essential natural resources and involving harmful chemicals in the bleaching process to achieve its bright white color.

The United States leads the world in toilet paper consumption, using nearly 50 billion rolls annually. This demand results in more than 27,000 trees being cut down daily, a practice that is unsustainable given the vital role trees play in absorbing and retaining carbon.

To meet the urgent need for sustainable alternatives, we must adopt eco-friendly toilet paper. So, how can the toilet paper we use have a lesser impact on the environment? And how significant is the difference between eco-friendly and traditional toilet paper?

Recycled Toilet Paper: Reducing Carbon Emissions

Recycled toilet paper does not rely on new trees or plants. Instead, it uses pre-used paper saved from waste, significantly reducing its environmental footprint.

Lower Carbon Emissions

  • 70% Less Emissions: Recycled toilet paper production emits at least 70% less carbon compared to traditional toilet paper.
  • Reduced Pollution: The production process requires much less water and energy, leading to lower air and water pollution levels.

Production Process

  • Soaking and Aerating: Pre-used paper is soaked in water and aerated to remove ink and contaminants before being pressed and dried.
  • Efficiency: This process uses significantly less water and energy than traditional methods.

Local Production: Further Reducing Environmental Impact

Honest Supplies, a sustainable business in the UK, produces eco-friendly toilet paper locally. This local production offers several advantages:

Reduced Transportation Impact

  • Local Manufacturing: Producing toilet paper closer to home reduces the environmental impact of transporting products or raw materials over long distances.

Passion for Sustainability

  • Ethical Choices: Honest Supplies is committed to sustainability, making it easy for consumers to access eco-friendly, plastic-free, and UK-made toilet paper that offers great value.

By making small changes, such as switching to UK-made eco-friendly toilet paper, we can collectively make a big difference for our planet. Choose sustainable toilet paper and contribute to a greener future.