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The Scoop on Eco-Friendly Toilet Roll: What You Need to Know

4 May 2023

Toilet paper is an essential item in every household, but have you ever stopped to consider the impact your toilet paper choices have on the environment? While traditional toilet paper may seem like a small and insignificant item, the fact is that the production of this everyday product can have a significant impact on our planet. That's where eco-friendly toilet roll comes in! In this post, we'll explore everything you need to know about eco-friendly toilet roll, including what it is, how it's made, and the benefits of using it.

So what exactly is eco-friendly toilet roll?

It all boils down to how and where the toilet roll is made; making sure that it is produced with minimal impact on the environment. When looking for an eco friendly toilet roll, there are a couple of things you can easily look out for:

It’s made in the UK - Producing toilet roll locally means that it doesn’t have to be transported over long distances, which will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from transportation. Secondly you are helping to support local manufacturing and communities. This can help create a more resilient economy which is less dependent on global supply chains. Finally it means it’s very easy to oversee the manufacturing process and ensure that the highest environmental & social standards are being met.

It’s made using 100% recycled materials rather than from trees that have been cut down half a world away - Trees play a vital roll in our ecosystem, they are the lungs of the planet, absorbing carbon dioxide & providing a home for wildlife. The recycling process also consumes much less energy & water compared to trying to extract the same pulp from trees, resulting in far fewer greenhouse gasses. Another benefit of using recycled materials means we can stop waste from ending up in landfill, and causing massive environmental harm. 

By looking for these two things, you can very quickly and easily reduce your personal impact on the environment and help contribute to the conservation of our planet. 


How is eco-friendly toilet roll made?

Preparing the recycled material: It’s collected from a recycling plant and then sorted and cleaned to remove anything that could impact the quality of the pulp it will then produce, so things like  staples, glues and inks are all taken out.

Once it’s all cleaned, the recycled material is then mixed with water & broken down to create a slurry which again is cleaned to remove anything else that might have been missed.

Once all the pulp is clean, its poured and passed through lots of rollers to squeeze out any excess water, and create a very thin, soft & strong piece of paper. Once dried its then rolled onto massive rolls and ready to be converted into loo roll

Finally its made into the product you use. Its unwound from the big roll, and re-rolled into long toilet roll tubes, sometimes embossed, and then cut into individual rolls and put into cardboard boxes ready for sale.


So what are the benefits of using an eco-friendly toilet roll?

The biggest benefit is that you are making a great choice to improve and preserve the environment, but it also has some awesome benefits for your behind!

Tree Hugger: You are preserving the forests, protecting natural resources & leaving animals with a home.

Great for sensitive skin: No more harsh chemicals on your bottom as all unnecessary dyes have been removed.

Flush with confidence: An eco-friendly toilet roll made from recycled material breaks down easier as the fibers are shorter, making them great for septic systems and fewer plumbing issues.

Cleaning the Ocean: With no plastic packaging, there is no plastic that can then break down and find their way into our oceans.

Doing your part for the planet: You’re supporting companies that prioritise sustainability and cleaning the planet.


So next time nature calls, consider making the switch to an eco-friendly toilet roll & help save the planet one sheet at a time.